North Side HOA in the Chelsea Cove community is a planned unit development of 300 homes on Sylvan Lake in Beekman, New York. Please visit this page often for up-to-the-minute news on community happenings and information on what's going on in our neighborhood. 


The NSHOA Board of Directors believe that residents should decide for themselves whether they want their children to trick-or-treat and if they want to give out candy.  The association will not cancel Halloween this year.  As such, we will be following our normal protocol to protect the community while the children enjoy the holiday.

TRICK OR TREATING:   You may begin at 5:00 PM and end time will be 9:00 PM.

CURFEW:  A 9:00 PM curfew will be in effect each night beginning Friday, October 30th through Sunday November 1st.  What does this mean?  Anyone under the age of 18, resident or guest, must be inside or off the property by 9:00 PM each night; no hanging out outside or walking around the community.  The property will be patrolled by two security officers who will enforce the curfew. Please understand that the Board’s intent is to institute some safeguards against property damage.  The kids can still have a great time without the community suffering. 

BANNED ITEMS:   Anyone caught with eggs, shaving cream, Nair, silly string, toilet paper, etc. will be detained, written up and the items will be confiscated.  The Board will assess a $100.00 security fine to the common charge account of an owner whose child, tenant’s child or a guest is caught with a banned item, vandalizes any property or is out after curfew. 

LIGHTS ON:  Please keep your front and back outside lights on each night from dusk to dawn beginning on Friday the 30th through and including Sunday, November 1st.  The increased illumination really helps a lot.  If you decide not to give out candy, we suggest that you tape a sign to your door rather than turning off your lights.

VISITORS & PARKING PERMITS:  As always, we will be setting up a barricade at the front entrance to the property on Halloween night.  Non-residents will not be permitted to trick-or-treat here this year unless they are a guest of a resident.  All guests will be asked to identify the name and house number they are visiting.  All resident vehicles will be checked for the required NSHOA parking permit.  If you do not have one, get one now by contacting JHK Management at 223-9980.  It can save you from receiving a fine for non-compliance.  We appreciate your cooperation as you are entering the community.  Please drive slowly to your destination.








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